Top 8 Google Home Mini Tips for using it productively

With Google Mini control your smart home with your voice. Use your voice to play music, play audio books, and get the latest news, stream shows, movies and a lot more. Manage your day with set reminders, meetings and get more personalized to help with your schedule. All you need is to simply ask Google be it the latest news, finance or traffic updates. You say it and bam you’ve it with Google Mini.

It comes with inbuilt Google Assistant features so whenever you need any assistance it’s by your side. Lately, Google Assistant made its way to quite helpful handy devices including smart speakers and smartphones. And, Google Mini was one of the canniest products from Google to infuse this AI-powered assistant and boy, is it handy dandy!

This tiny gadget can easily accomplish multiple tasks without having to lift your finger right from playing songs to playing an audiobook.

Yet, at the end of the day, these are tasks that you’d assume out of a smart speaker by default, particularly when it’s made by Google. Gratefully, the Google Home Mini is a little much more than what it promises.

If you’ve already glide your hands on a Google Home Mini lately, then this post will entice you as we’re about to offer a couple of golden tips for using this smart device more productively.

Remember Stuff Easily

If you forget things on and off basis then Google’s Home Mini is your device. Use the “Hey Google remember so and so” and enjoy assistance like never before.

Ask for any Instant Updates

Being a Google’s product, mini offers multiple services. It also incorporates maps to get you the instant details as and when required.

Play around with Smart Shortcuts

If you don’t wish to give longer commands then just use more settings options and replace longer commands with short keywords and you’re golden. What else could you ask for?

Use it as your Telecom

Yes, it comes with an ability to broadcast on your command to all your connected devices to your account.

Ditch the Timer

Google Home is useful in your kitchen as well. Forget the timer, all you need is to say, “Start timer for 5 minutes” and you’re sorted. Now simply bake, cook, grill and enjoy a cooking experience like never before.

Enable the Guest Mode to Share Content

Enable the guest mode to cast contents and saves you from any hassles of sharing your passwords and re-setting them later.

Ask anything from word meanings to spellings

If you have a little curious kid who is always ready with a question then this device is meant for you. This mini Google’s device is meant to answer your queries from words, facts, synonyms to spellings and everything that comes in between.

Address Multiple Queries

This smart Google home device can address the queries raised by multiple users as well. With precise voice training, you can expect an output tailored to you and especially when using Google Maps, Calendar and even in the daily news.

With so many efficient and effective features enabled, this tiny smart Google’s device can raise your productivity by leaps and bounds. Forget doing things manually now and enjoy the voice-based Google Home Mini smart features and make your life easier than ever.

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